Jun 1, 2015
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At Nehru Memorial Model School, Attupuram, Kadakkal our endeavour is to provide an educational experience that fosters a culture of excellence and an appreciation of values that help children learn and thrive in today's competitive and connected world. Towards achieving this, the School emphasizes on following the best practices in education and bringing the finest of faculty . The School's remarkable results across all the streams, year after year, resonates this commitment.


Nehru Memorial Model School  is the culmination of a long cherished desire and dream of the Founder/Chairman Shri.K.Sivadasan (K.K.Sivan) who is an NRI returned.   It came into being in June 1994
under the patronage of the Nehru Memorial Educational & Charitable Trust, and dedicated efforts of the trustees.   It owes its matchless achievement  to the devoted services of the Principal and the Teachers, who work along the guide lines framed by School's Academic Council  of experts.

The Aims of the Tustees are : To provide excellent educational opportunity for the chlldren in and around Kadakkal Village.  To provide an education that will build up National Integrity and Unity.  To cater the need of Parents who want for their children an education that makes him a perfect Citizen with differences.


In the next three years and by 2022, the school will ensure improved reading habits of students at all the level providing access to an updated library and conducting various other reading related activities.  Also school will achieve plantation of 3000 trees and vegetable cultivation in our locality to create awarness about environmental protection and organic farming. We also ensure that students of all the levels will be practicing YOGA regularly. Principal - 30-03-2016

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