Jun 1, 2015
Category: Admission
At Nehru Memorial Model School, Attupuram, Kadakkal our endeavour is to provide an educational experience that fosters a culture of excellence and an appreciation of values that help children learn and thrive in today's competitive and connected world. Towards achieving this, the School emphasizes on following the best practices in education and bringing the finest of faculty . The School's remarkable results across all the streams, year after year, resonates this commitment.



1. The academic year consists of 4 terms.   June - Augst, September - November,                 December - February  and March - May

2. Medium of Instruction at the school is English. Malayalam and Hindi are also taught  as compulsory subject as second and third languages

3. Extra incentives are given for talented students.
4. Giving importants to Sports and Co-curricular Activities.
1. Pupil not in unifom will not be considered properly dressed for the school.   Hence they will not be allowed to attend the classes
2. Cleanliness in person , dress and book should be highly observed.
3. Valuable ornaments ( Gold, Silver Etc., ) should not worn in the school.
4. Pupil should obey the teachers and school authorities.   They are required to go by the instructions given to them from time to time.
5. When a pupil requires leave from the class, the parent should apply to Principal through the class teacher and permission should be obtained.   In case of emergency fof sudden illness the pupil should bring  the leave letter signed by the parents ,the next working days itself.
6. Continuous absent for 6 days at the begining of the new academic year and 15 days there after without leave will cause the removal of pupil's name from the school register.   In such case they can be re-admitted only after an application for re-admission and the necessary re-admission fee is remitted.   Re-admission can not be claimed as a matter of right . The school authorities will have full discretion in the matter.   Leave application must be addressed to the Principal and forwarded through the Class Teacher for granting the leave of absence.
7. No telephone call will be entertained by the Principal/Teachers regarding inquiries related to the ward during the working time.   However, the Parents can meet the Principal or teahcer, through the Principal after 3.00 p.m. every working day.
8. Any school equipments or belongings of other people are distroyed or damaged by the pupil, he or she will have to make good of it.
9. Irregular attendence, habitual negligence in school work, dis-honesty, obscenity in ward of act serious mis-conduct or threats inside or outside the school may cause the dismissal of the pupil.
10. Pupils are not allowed to enter other class room at any time.
11. No mobile Phone/iPod/Camars/Cd's are allowedin the school compund.   Anyone voilate the same the article will be confiscated by the Management and necessary action will be taken against the wards/ person/persons.