Jun 1, 2015
Category: Admission
At Nehru Memorial Model School, Attupuram, Kadakkal our endeavour is to provide an educational experience that fosters a culture of excellence and an appreciation of values that help children learn and thrive in today's competitive and connected world. Towards achieving this, the School emphasizes on following the best practices in education and bringing the finest of faculty . The School's remarkable results across all the streams, year after year, resonates this commitment.
Lower and Upper Kindergarten (LKG & UKG):

In the Kindergarten classes, emphasis is placed equally on children's intellectual, physical and social development. Children learn through a combination of games, songs and creative projects. They play with blocks; measure sand, water or ingredients for cooking; they are taught to observe changes in the environment, examine and sort objects. Story-telling and role-playing, drawing and tracing, creating patterns and developing skills of measurement: all contribute to the laying of sure foundations in literacy and numeracy.

In order to make learning both enjoyable and meaningful, the Kindergarten programme:
  • Nurtures the child's love of learning and fosters the boundless curiosity that comes so naturally at this young age;
  • Creates an atmosphere where children feel respected and secure by providing a place of warmth, fun, joy and laughter;
  • Focuses on the overall development of the child through activities and experiences;
  • Offers a flexible and hands-on approach which enables teachers to support children's interests, build self-esteem and confidence, as well as support the development of skills in all cognitive areas;
  • Commits to a curriculum that is dynamic, progressive and responsive to the evolving world, by complementing the Primary School curriculum with that of the Cambridge International Primary Programme;
  • Provides a learning environment that encourages children to look at multiple perspectives and develop an ability and attitude to solve their own problems as well as that of the global community, as they grow up;
  • Develops the individual talents and abilities of children and teaches them to connect the experience of the classroom to the realities of the outside world;
  • Caters to the needs of a variety of individual differences within the classroom;
  • Offers Games / Physical Education, Western Music, Art and Craft, Speech and Drama, Indian Dance and Yoga as regular curricular subjects;
  • Organizes field trips, picnics, celebrations of various festivals and occasions throughout the year.