Jun 1, 2015
Category: Admission
At Nehru Memorial Model School, Attupuram, Kadakkal our endeavour is to provide an educational experience that fosters a culture of excellence and an appreciation of values that help children learn and thrive in today's competitive and connected world. Towards achieving this, the School emphasizes on following the best practices in education and bringing the finest of faculty . The School's remarkable results across all the streams, year after year, resonates this commitment.


Summer: Navy Blue Kameez long enough to cover knees. Side Slit of the Kameez 10" from

knees.White Salwar and White Dupatta, Black Shoes, White Socks, Navy Blue Ribbon

and  House Badge.

Sports / PT: White Salwar, White Kameez, White Dupatta, and White Shoes.

Senior Girls shall wear PT Uniform on every Wednesday and Upper Primary Girls will have their PT Uniform for PT Days.  Girls with long hair should tie up their hair in two plaits.  Open hair below the neck is not allowed.  Girls with short hair can use only black/blue hair clips or bands.  Finger Nails should be clipped short.  Nail polish, makeup & jewellery are not allowed.

classes VI-XII                                       Classes LKG-V


Summer: White Shirt , Navy blue formal Trousers,White Socks, Black Shoes, school

Belt with small buckle if required and House Badge.


Sports / PT: White Trousers/Pants, White Shirts, White Sports Shoes.

Senior Boys will wear their PT Uniform on Wednesdays and Classes III-V Boys will have their PT Uniform on every Monday. A Navy Blue Blazer is compulsory for all students.